Living Alive
Living Alive
six days of magic and transformation in the Grand Canyon

It was the first miracle that caught his attention.


The others would change his life.


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Like most of humanity, I wondered if there was a power that was greater than myself.  This was particularly true when times were hard, as they were in the weeks and months that lead into the beginning of this book. 

If that power actually cared about me, how could I be suffering so deeply, and would I ever feel whole again? 

I could not have possibly conceived the answers that awaited me.

What I came to find through the crucible of six days of magic and trial in the Grand Canyon, was that I was more powerful and cared for than I ever could have imagined.

When I emerged, I was transformed. 

This narrative memoir carries the reader with me on every step, through every miracle, epiphany, agony and preternatural experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I invite you to review the complete synopsis and to enjoy an excerpt from the book, below.


Imagine this book as Wild meets Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

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About the Book

In contrast to many other books of this nature, I was able to recall and convey every nuance, every conversation, every moment and perfect clarity during the four weeks I effortlessly wrote the first draft.  The result of this became an authentic accounting of personal transformation and spiritual awakening.  Living Alive shares how I embraced the ugliness of my humanity in the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon and become something greater than I thought was possible.

It is written in a first-person present point of view.  Therefore, the reader experiences the life changing moments, epiphanies, thoughts, connections with others and powers greater than me as they occur.

The book is 61,521 words in length. 

Living Alive's business brand includes a musical score, transformational retreats in the world's most beautiful places, group coaching, guided travel and webinars. 

Follow up books include: Three Principles of the Modern Man and Living Alive in Relationship

An easy way to understand my book is: Wild meets Way of the Peaceful Warrior.


“I discovered I was more powerful than I ever could have imagined…”

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About the Author

Stephen Klein lives in Erie, Colorado.  He is the founder and CEO of several successful triple-bottom-line businesses including: CommonGood IT (IT Consultancy), Creative Solutions (PR Firm), Loving Dedications (Online obituaries), and MITLAB (online training for IT leaders). 

In addition to his professional accomplishments, he is a professional speaker, an authentic relating trainer, a father of two adopted foster children and a charitable giving thought-leader.


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